I´m not lazy, I have fibromyalgia

All the people who suffer fibromyalgia,could scream  “I´m not lazy, I have fibromyalgia”

i have fibromyalgia
I´m not lazy, I have fibromyalgia

Today, I´m gonna be the voice of all of them.

Fibromyalgia is real

I begin to tell you WHAT IS FIBROMYALGIA?

  • Is a REAL illness.
  • A chronic pathology. That means that when it begins it never desapears of your life.
  • Until today, we don´t know what is its origin, or why it appears.
  • The general pain is the principal symptom. ¿Can you imagine that? General, it means in all your body!!
  • Besides the pain, fibromyalgia comes with another symptoms like these: disrupted and poor quality sleep, intense fatigue, mental dullness (fibrofog), low sexual desire, irritable bowel syndrome, bruxism, headache, and many more.
  • Medical treatments don´t be a lot off effective to control symptoms.

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And now, I´m going to tell you WHAT ISN´T FIBROMYALGIA?

  • Is not a mental sickness, is not a psiquiatric pathology.
  • Is not an invention of the person who suffers it.
  • Although the symptoms can be worse sometimes, fibromyalgia isn´t a degenerative sick.
  • It doesn´t decrease the life expectancy of those who suffer from it.

How is life with fibromyalgia?

Just think about it…

Is early in the morning, you wake up and think is a beautiful day and big things are waiting for you. But something starts to change.

You feel terrible, so tired, like you haven´t slept at all. You feel worsed than before you going to bed.

Your body seems is being crushed by a huge weight, so you can´t move with agility. Bed sheets feels like a fire on your skin.

Finally, with a great effort you can do it (sometimes in silence not to bother the others). You feel like “a crushed soda can”. When you move, every pieces of your body it hurts.

And this wonderful day, turns into a very difficult day. And it’s just the begining.

Along the day, this situation doesn’t get any better.

IIt seems that you are carrying a big elephant on your shoulders, your joints squeak like “rusty hinges” and your mind suffers from mental dullness that makes it very difficult to think.

You know what? All these difficulties would be easier, if others knew and understood them. But the opposite happens, most of the time you listen “you are so lazy“, all the time you complain“.

How can you help?

If someone that you love a lot of sais to you that suffer fibromyalgia, let me say something to you. All of this that you have read, is just a tiny part of everything this person has to live every day.

Your suport is essential by his/her improvement.

What fibromyalgia patients long for the most is to be understood and don´t be judged.

When you have fibromyalgia, your body looks like a terribly awkward and painful disguise to carry. But, something is true, with your help it’s gonna be easier.

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I sincerely hope that after reading this article, you can go to this very speciall person, that you love so much and suffer fibromyalgia and tell him/her:

Now I understand everything, now I know you´re not a lazy person, now I kind of understand everything you have to live every day; and ever since today we are gonna be together in this battle, you´re not gonna feel alone anymore.

I´m not lazy, I have fibromyalgia

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