Letter from a person with fibromyalgia to their family

Letter from a fibromyalgic to their family
Letter from a person with fibromyalgia to their family

This is the message that all person with suffer fibromyalgia wanna to say to their family, but sometimes don´t feel capable to doing.

When you have fibromyalgia, the family is your principal support, is very difficult that you can be endure alone this sickness and a lot less when your family don´t understand what happen to you.

So without more words, I let you with the letter, please share it with all your family, so they can be understand just a little what happen to you.

Letter from a fibromyalgic to their family

I wanna to say something to you

I know that live with this illness has been so difficult to you as for me. On her behalf I have change my way of being and acting, and I´m conscious the way that this has being deranged our lives.

You know all I was have to “pay” to reach this diagnosis. A lot off days, months and years, between all kind of doctors and between different diagnosis.

Invaded by pain and trying to convince all of you that my pain was real. I can´t remmember how many times someone said to me that all of this was imaginary.

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You know? Sometimes I came to believe it, too. Although, I was not archieved understand how could ​I invent something like this, so real and so painful.

Until someone put name to my suffering: Fibromyalgia.

Putting name to my painful trip partner, produced in me a lot off simultaneous sensations.

Happiness because now i know that is real and check that it´s not a product of a cloudy mind. Sadness because is a incurable illness and with a very difficult treatment. Unrest because of uncertain path that is waiting for me, knowing that gonna be difficult and painful.

When i think all gonna be more easy, I discover that is not like this. People keep pointing at me, disqualifying me and judge me.

The pain turned my faithful partner and don´t let me enjoy my life. I feel that people feel uncomfortable with my inconvenience and my indisposition, but believe me: I don´t enjoy this, neither.

I wanna all people undestood, that I more than other want to come back my life, than all of this disapear. I wish one day wake up in the morning and feel rest and energic like before duffer fibromyalgia.

I wish can play with agility. I wish the pain don´t erase my smile never again.

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But, reality is fibromyalgia is gonna be part of my life and our family always. It never gonna disapear, whatever I do, you do or doctors do.

i will be able stay sometimes with just a little symptoms or without them, but fibromyalgia always gonna be present. Some hard physical or emotional situations will make me worse.

I know you loves me. And believe me, your love and support are essentials to endure my life, day by day.

This is very hard to doing alone, but together we will fight. Beside you I feel me strong to “scream” to the world:

About the fibromyalgia I wanna tell you…

It is not a lack of will, It is not about doing my part.

It is not laziness, sometimes it can be incapacitate me, it is very limiting.

Is truth, I do my best effort to live my life, active and normal.

When I am happy, the pain was more bearable.

Now, I don´t have the same fortress than before, now all is more difficult to me.

This is not a way to trying to manipulate you or to be a victim neither.

I try to avoid complain or say that I have pain.

I don´t wanna feel this pain or that you look at me like a sick.

Those of us with fibromyalgia need people to believe in us, we need their support.

We just want your help.

I know you love your relative who suffer fibromyalgia, so this link is for you:

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