What is fibromyalgia?

what is fibromyalgia
what is fibromyalgia

The Fibromyalgia is a disease chronic characterized by pain widespread mainly associated fatigue , impaired sleep and concentration difficulties and memory (known as fibrofog ).

However, more than 100 symptoms of fibromyalgia have been described .

As I have already told on previous occasions, despite being a doctor I have fibromyalgia;  but my answer would be biased, if only I answered it from my point of view.

So I’m going to answer this question with the words of those who suffer from it .

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What is fibromyalgia for you?

I asked several people with fibromyalgia this question .

And I was able to identify, how I know you will too, two diametrically opposite visions. Both are equally real and valuable, and that is that each person experiences fibromyalgia in a different way.

So I leave you with these testimonials from people with fibromyalgia .

Fibromyalgia as a life challenge

A very positive vision, where fibromyalgia is seen as a challenge. And it is that fibromyalgia forces us to see life in a different way and to rethink ourselves.

“A daily push not to lower my arms, they will not see me fall.”

“A constant learning and healing.”

“A condition to which I say, you will not beat me. You met a warrior ”.

“A process of learning acceptance and resilience. A companion on the road”.

“A diagnosis… I am more than that; And even though it’s hard, it doesn’t stop me, it doesn’t define me, and it never will ”.

“For me it is learning to live differently.”

“The opportunity to stop taking a deep breath and say, I am stronger than you, fibromyalgia.”

“It is learning to live differently.”

“One more challenge for life, something that teaches me to love myself more.”

The pain of living with fibromyalgia

And another vision, where it is easy to identify, a high degree of suffering, generated by fibromyalgia .

And it is that living with permanent pain can easily lead to despair.

“Sometimes I want to leave everything … because I don’t know how to calm the pain … it is frustrating …!, It is a torture that I carry inside.”

“A constant pain that does not allow me to win the battle to carry on  like a war battle after battle.”

Sometimes I want to leave everything … because I don’t know how to calm the pain … it’s frustrating …!, It’s a torture that I carry inside. “

“It is a disease that makes you change your way of being, it causes you pain, fatigue, despair, it is like being in prison, you cannot make plans or stay with your friends, always with these terrible pains.”

“A disease that is not believed, everyone says you have nothing. “

“It is my shadow.”

“Something that doesn’t let it be you.”

“A curse.”

“A disgrace”

“It is being a prisoner of your own body, it is a disagreement between will and power. The mind does not command the body ”.

“My prison, living trapped in your own body.”

“It is a disease that is very annoying.”

“Pain, pain and more pain.”

“Dead in life “

“Pain, pain, and die slowly.”

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What is fibromyalgia?

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