It really hurts: Fibromyalgia

pain in fibromyalgia
It really hurts Fibromyalgia

It really hurts” seems to be the slogan of people with fibromyalgia.

You’ll say: “The slogan? But it’s not like it’s an advertising campaign“.

Just as you “hear” it.

A slogan is a phrase that is used to achieve remembrance, convince and generate a change of behaviour in the listener.

That is precisely what fibromyalgia sufferers do on a daily basis.

Searching for a diagnosis

The story does not begin with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

People often go through many general practitioners and specialists, trying to convince them, until one of them suspects the pathology and finally confirms it.

In the process of reaching a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, it usually takes 5 to 7 long years.

During this time, they repeat countless times : “.Doctor, it really hurts“.

The truth is that I was part of that group of doctors and it pains me to accept it.

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Of the doctors whom the patient had to convince of his pain.

I didn’t believe that fibromyalgia could really be so disabling, until I experienced it “firsthand” as a patient.

And after the diagnosis…

When finally her insistence and persistence, she manages to get a doctor to evaluate all her symptoms with great empathy and make the diagnosis, another battle begins.

Now they must convince their family.

Testimony of Catalina:

The worst thing is that my daughter thinks I am lazy, lazy, that I never want to do anything, that I always want to be asleep and that whenever we go out I always come back exhausted… For my mum, I am too young to feel so exhausted and to resign myself to living with pain because I don’t want to seek treatment otherthan medication. For my boyfriend the issue is one of inconsistency in dietexercise, that I am lazy and shield myself in pain so I don’t train… It’s hard to live with such a debilitating condition when everyone demands and demands so much of you. Sometimes Ireally wish I could run away somewhere where I could sleep on my own and not have to meet anyone’s expectations and needs.

And then they must repeat again to everybody “.it really hurts me“.

But if it is difficult for doctors, it is even more difficult for relatives.

They must believe in something that cannot be seen, that cannot be found in any test, for which they can find no explanation.

They only see a person who complains, complains and complains.

And so, this bodily suffering is made worse by the incomprehension of loved ones.

The importance of accompaniment

The family is and will always be our support staff!

That is why we expect and need more from them.

It is different, coping with such an intensely painful illness alone, than with the help of our family.

Fibromyalgia exists and is a pathology that causes widespread painsleep disturbances, constant fatigue, concentration problems, mood swings, decreased libido, among other symptoms.

It is really difficult to live with.

So if you have a family member with fibromyalgia:

  • Learn about the fibromyalgia.
  • Support her in her treatment doctor and non-doctor.
  • Help her when her symptoms symptoms.
  • Encourage her when she feels faint in the face of the daily struggle.
  • Above all, let her know that she is important to you and that she is not alone.
  • Make sure he never says “it really hurts”.

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