Exercise with fibromyalgia How do you think of it?

exercise with fibromyalgia
exercise and fibromyalgia

Exercise With Fibromyalgia Is It Possible? If you have fibromyalgia, it is very likely that you quickly and strongly responded: “ NOOO !! “I’m tired of being told to exercise, don’t you understand that everything hurts ? How do you expect me to exercise? 

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I understand you completely, I know that for you this idea may be inconceivable. You will think, “if daily, everyday activities cost me so much, how am I going to be able to exercise ? ” “ If I exercise, I’m sure I’m going to lie in bed. ” “ Can a person with fibromyalgia exercise ? 

Do you know why exercise costs you so much?

In fibromyalgia there is a dangerous vicious cycle between pain and physical inactivity . Since we have pain, we do not do physical activity ; But as we lower the level of it, the pain of fibromyalgia worsens.

fibromyalgia and exercise

And this is how we are entering a sedentary life , to the point that when we do a little exercise (sometimes something as “simple” as doing our daily activities), the body becomes so fresh that it can lead us to a crisis of pain . And then we are scared , not to say terrified, of exercising .

Why do they insist so much on exercise?

Because they love you better, they want you with quality of life , they want you happy … they love you, simply because they love you. And it is that sedentary lifestyle worsens EVERYTHING, in fibromyalgia.

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That’s how it is. Due to physical inactivity, pain and fatigue worsens , the feeling of “I can’t” increases and episodes of anxiety and depression become more frequent . Instead, exercise, EVERYTHING improves it . You will see!

Benefits of exercise for fibromyalgia

  1. Relieves pain .
  2. It gives you better quality sleep .
  3. Improve your mood .
  4. Stimulates self-efficacy ; that is, the ability to believe in your own abilities to do something.
  5. Reduces episodes of anxiety and depression .
  6. Improve your cardio-respiratory capacity .
  7. Your muscles regain strength, flexibility and ability to move.
  8. In short, it improves the quality of life, because by reducing pain and fatigue when doing your daily activities.
physical activity and fibromyalgia

You just have to start !!

Although it sounds impossible, it is important that you believe that you can achieve it . At first it will not be easy at all, but if you are constant you will achieve it . But best of all: You will start to feel better !! Sources:

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